Adrian Langford, N.D.
Naturopathic Doctor
Food & Health Coach
Yoga Instructor & Personal Trainer
Integrative Wellness Partner LLC
Call 540 246 2847
Consultations available in person & remote.
34 Kathy Court, Palmyra VA 22923
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Adrian Langford, Naturopathic Doctor and Health & Food Coach, uses a combination of her training, education, experience and investigative techniques that deliver a deeper integrative and productive approach addressing symptoms of digestive disorders, immunity dysfunction, weight gain, brain fog, inflammation and stress.



Are you ready to feel better and participate in discovering what is a natural functional way to bring balance to your life and well being?  Before another day or month or year slips by and you feel no better than you did a year ago -- schedule a consultation to bring your body and mind back into a healthier place. 


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