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WELCOME TO Dr. Adrian and Integrative Wellness Partner, Food & Health Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor




Dr. Adrian uses a combination of her training, education, experience and investigative techniques that deliver a deeper integrative and productive approach addressing symptoms of digestive disorders, immunity dysfunction, weight gain, brain fog, inflammation and stress.



Are you ready to feel better and participate in discovering what is a natural functional way to bring balance to your life and well being?  Before another day or month or year slips by and you feel no better than you did a year ago -- consider a consultation to fix your gut and fix your health.


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Dr. Adrian, Integrative Wellness Partner is your support team for optimal health and well being.

Introducing the Food, Nutrition & Digestion part of our team, Real Food 4 You at


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" This past year I realized I needed to regain my health and well being by evaluating my nutritional needs. I contacted Adrian Langford, Integrative..."
" As an employee of a manufacturing plant, and a member of my company’s Wellness Program, I met Adrian through our corporate Wellness Program. I..."
" I aspire to be healthy, exercise daily and eat right, and take the best supplements I can. At some point, we all could use a personal health coach..."
" I came to Adrian suffering from pain, overweight and bewilderment. I’ve tried many diets in my life and virtually all have been unsuccessful,..."
" My health coaching sessions with Adrian have been central to getting me on track for making real lifestyle changes-not just short term fixes. I..."
" A few years ago, I had made the rounds of seeing several doctors, and chiropractors for having no energy, feeling out of sorts, and for being in..."
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