The Healthy Food Decoded Labs are one-hour consultations whereby you meet one on one with Adrian Langford, Integrative Wellness Partner, by remote to begin the learning process and discovery about aspects of food choices and how those choices affect your health. Adrian will give you the tools and information plus take the ‘overwhelm’ factor out of the equation to restore you to a healthy lifestyle. You will get lots of support by phone, emails, texts and PDF downloads throughout Lab sessions. With each Lab session, we build upon the previous Labs and you may have light homework with takeaways from your session as well.

Adrian listens closely to your concerns and challenges with conditions that are chronic and manifest in symptoms of digestive distress, food allergies or sensitivities, mood swings, aches and pains, weight gain, inflammation, anxiety and blood sugar imbalances. A bullet list of your top priorities are determined in your first session that you wish to fulfill as you take your journey to a healthier lifestyle with a partner – Integrative Wellness Partner.


Each of the eight Healthy Food Decoded Labs has been carefully designed from many years of gaining insight, knowledge and experiences of what clients need and want to successfully achieve long lasting improvements in their healthy food lifestyle and well being. These sessions offer support, guidance, simple steps, and downloadable materials to review whenever you need.  

What do I do Now?

Please review the Healthy Food Decoded Lab Package Descriptions and pick the Basic 2 Labs, All 8 or individual sessions that are best for you. If you want help in deciding what Healthy Food Decoded Labs are best for you, please contact me at and we can do a 15-minute phone consult.

You can also visit the and leave comments or follow me on Facebook at Integrative Wellness Partner (healthy lifestyle) and Real Food 4 You for food information & photos.



Basic Package (2 Labs):

A place to begin.jpg

For those who are just beginning, have taken a break from their healthy pursuits or want to have a breakthrough to igniting their healthy lifestyle, the Basic Starter Package of 2 Labs is an excellent place to begin. Each lab session is sixty minutes long and done by remote.



Going Deeper.jpg

For those wanting or needing to continue deeper into their healthy lifestyle makeover, there is The Works! All 8 Labs that includes the Basic (2 Labs) package plus 6 additional labs. Each lab session is sixty minutes long and is done remotely.


Individual Lab Sessions (Any 1 or more labs):


For those wanting to add additional sessions, you can pick up any 1 or more of the other 6 Labs.

NOTE: Pick any combination of the other sessions you like A discount is already provided with each additional lab you choose. The more Labs you choose the better and better the discount!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are only opting for just one Lab session, I suggest you select, as your first Healthy Food Decoded Lab session, the Basic (1 Lab) which identifies challenges and concerns for your digestive health and overall health. You are welcome to contact to discuss what lab fits you best.



Follow-Up Sessions

Follow-up sessions are often a good way to make adjustments or stay on track with your healthy lifestyle. These sessions are available in thirty-minute increments and can be purchased separately or in a bundle of 4 thirty-minute sessions – you get a discount for purchasing a bundle!

Downloads, PDF’s, Resources

It is highly recommended that the client create a file on the desktop computer OR get an actual notebook for printing out all Healthy Food Decoded lab materials when received. It’s best to keep them in order of each session or by the date of each lab session to have organized reference material to revisit whenever needed.  Clients receive resources for books, blogs, websites, articles, videos, DVDs and other relevant material throughout your sessions.